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Chris Blackhurst Freelance Designer & Marketing Consultant
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Kuno Invest

  • Skills

    Branding, Marketing Strategy, Communications, Graphic Design, Web Design, Social Media Management, Event Design, Copywriting

  • Client

    Kuno Invest

  • Role:

    Branding Consultant, Marketing Consultant



I've always had a keen interest in investments, the financial markets and FX trading so I was the great fit when a team of experienced FX traders needed a branding, business and marketing consultant to help them launch their new investment service.

Their initial idea was to provide investment services to a wider audience, opening the FX markets up to those with as little as £500 to invest. With that goal in mind I created Kuno Invest and a brand that was welcoming, friendly and less intimidating to an audience not accustomed to investment services. I designed and wrote a website and brochure as well as created a full suite of marketing materials for the team.

I put together a multi-channel marketing plan to generate leads and sign-ups to their service as well as providing all internal and external communications for the company. I designed and built a website and a sales funnel system, an email nurturing campaign, ran social media ads, and also managed all their social media activity. In addition I helped design a launch event and also generated press opportunities for the company.

After a successful start, we are now working together on a reworked brand and business model to focus on more high net worth clients.