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Chris Blackhurst Freelance Designer & Marketing Consultant
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Luciana Berger Campaign

  • Skills

    Creative & Art Direction, Project Management, Campaign Creative & Strategy, Personal Branding, Exhibition design, Manifesto design, Flyer Design

  • Client

    Luciana Berger / Labour Party

  • Role:

    Creative Director, Personal Brand Consultant, Designer



Luciana Berger was the outsider candidate for Labour’s Liverpool City Mayoral selection process. Working with her team at the Labour party as creative director on behalf of Fabrik Studio we developed a visual style and over-arching message for the campaign which was about stressing the qualities and values that distinguished her candidature from her rivals.

The brand and initial messaging sought to capture her youthful energy and future-focused agenda in a style that was visually distinctive, but recognizable rooted in Labour values and traditions. In addition to early campaign mailings and flyers, collateral included a manifesto document, pop-up stands, and mailings.

We ensured consistent visual style, tone of voice and photography for an energetic and impactful campaign. Starting out as the outsider candidate she played an influential role in a close-run selection. She was also the candidate that made a real impact on external audiences and the media -setting out a refreshingly energetic and progressive vision.